Wednesday, April 25, 2012


                             2 kg of Golden Delicious Apples
                             100g Sugar
                             100g Soft Butter
                             2 teaspoons chopped almonds ( optional )
                             a pinch of salt
                             450g Puff Pastry( I used a pack of ready to use )

 Line a  25cm flan dish with the puff pastry and pierce slightly with a fork. 
 With 500g of apples make a pureé.
 Peel and slice the remaining apples.
 Add the flour, chopped almonds, sugar and soft butter. Mix together adding a pinch of salt.
 Spread the apple pureé over the base of the pastry.
 Put this mixture over the pureé in the flan dish.COOK in oven 180° for about an hour.
 Ready to serve.
EAT with either cream or ice-cream.